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A Woman's Image Notebook

Uncategorised • 9th Dec, 17 • 2 Comments


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  1. Nancy

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    Just when things couldn’t get worse for Kathleen Bobak, they did.

    She had experienced tragedy and was living in a rough neighborhood. Times were hard. So when she found a lump in her breast, she couldn’t believe it.

    A local women’s clinic confirmed Kathleen’s fears. She had breast cancer. From there she ended up getting conventional treatments of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation in a teaching hospital. All through her treatments, she felt rushed by her doctors. They didn’t have time for her questions.

    After a devastating year filled with illness and almost-daily doctor appointments, she did something completely different. She started spending time in a nearby forest. And it changed her life. Looking around at nature and its perfect balance, she thought, “This is how life should be.”

    That epiphany started Kathleen’s journey to healing. She began demanding answers to her questions. She searched for alternative care and found it. Most of all, she discovered her own sense of empowerment.

    Learn what happened next using a variety of unique alternative treatments. She has many words of wisdom and practical advice to anyone who wants to prevent, treat, beat or heal from cancer…

  2. mlorio001

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