We encourage you to call your insurance company and find out if you have coverage for a wig or "cranial prosthesis" as insurance companies define it. The CPT code is A9282. When calling the insurance company, they usually will ask for your diagnosis code and the CPT code. Your doctor will write a prescription or letter of medical necessity for your wig. On the prescription the doctor or nurse will usually write down the 4 digit diagnosis code, example for breast cancer is 174.9. The prescription should read: "Cranial prosthesis needed for chemotherapy induced alopecia".

Please keep in mind that even if your doctor writes a prescription, that doesn’t mean your insurance contract provides coverage. Medicare never allows for a wig and we understand your frustration when you come in with a doctor’s prescription, only to be told your wig is not covered. If you do have coverage, we will facilitate all your paperwork for you electronically so that you will have reimbursement as quickly as possible.