Our hearts desire is provide our customers with the best products and services at the best prices.

At a Woman's Image We feel the following is what sets us apart from our competitors:

Experience. Stacy Ecker, licensed cosmetologist and co-owner has over 7 years of experience exclusively working with wigs thus providing women with a wealth of knowledge to find just the right hair piece. This includes color and style consultation that is second to none.

Price. We are very sensitive to the challenges that are going on in your life. We opened our store vowing to never take advantage of women either financially, emotionally or intellectually while you are in a vulnerable state of mind. Other stores may "push" you into a product, making you believe you will need it through your course of treatment. We feel it’s our job to educate you to product availability and while we may make suggestions, ultimately the final decision is yours.

Wig Care Kit. Not terribly expensive ($20.00 - $30.00 depending on whether synthetic or human hair), however we feel a must in properly taking care of your wig.  We feel strongly that you possess  this kit: shampoo, conditioner, wig stand and brush for two reasons. You, the customer and us, the provider. Many women are very apprehensive the first time they have to wash their wigs. With this in mind, we know that if you were have the correct products to care for your wig, you will feel confident and in turn, we will feel confident that in using these products, the life span of your wig should be at its fullest.

Styling. Every single wig that leaves our store is styled and cut. Almost all wigs have way too much hair on them giving them that "wiggy" look. Our licensed cosmetologists debulk, face frame, layer and if need be, turn a below shoulder length wig into a cropped bob. All cutting is included in the price of the wig.

Consultation. There are many stores that charge a consultation fee which is applied to the price of the wig with purchase. Our consultations are FREE whether we spend an hour or two trying wigs on to help you achieve the look your after. We feel we wouldn’t be doing our job if after getting to know you as a person; your career, your illness, your family, your hair needs. All of these make you who you are and we feel we can provide you with every option available.

Education. From beginning to end. From making sure your wig is on your head correctly to caring for your wig, ensuring a long life, we spend that time with you so you feel confident.

Custom Fit. Even though wigs are available in petite, average and large cap, each persons head shape is different. The shape of our heads dictates how we fill the interior of the cap of the wig. If there is a bubble or gap, we sew the wig so it fits your head exclusively providing you a natural look in addition to a great feel.

Compassion. We left this one for last since it’s pretty important to us. When you walk through our doors looking for answers we know you’re not feeling the greatest. Stacy Ecker has a heart of gold. She treats all of her customers with professionalism and is compassionate to their specific needs. Lee Nieman, licensed cosmetologist can totally relate. A 6 year cancer survivor with total hair loss due to chemotherapy, she knows what you are going through. She shares many laughs and tears while supporting you and your needs.

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