Synthetic wigs are great for these reasons:

  • The "look" is locked in. Synthetic fibers have memory which means you can wash & wear. If your hairpiece has curl or a wave pattern, it will always be there even after many washings.
  • Price. These wigs are definitely more affordable than human hair wigs, ranging in price from $125.00 - $425.00.
  • Style. Honestly, if you have a short style, you’ll be much happier with a synthetic wig. It’s much less fuss than a human hair wig.

Synthetic wigs are not great for these reasons:

  • Heat. Unless you’re buying a heat resistant synthetic wig (which some manufactures do provide) you can’t cook, grill, or go near a bonfire. Synthetic wigs are actually a form of plastic called Khanickuline which will melt.
  • Style. The heat issue comes up here again. No blow dryers, straighter, curling irons, or hot rollers. But keep in mind, if you liked the original style, you don’t have to fuss with it to make it look different. That "look" will always be there.
  • Color. Since it’s a synthetic fiber, no chemicals can be added to change the color.
  • Friction Frizz. If your style is shoulder length or below, the fiber of the hair against the fiber of clothing rubbing against each will cause friction frizz. It will look like singed hair and have a matted look. Unfortunately, you really can’t wear a hat, head band, barrette, or any other type of head covering on a synthetic wig either. Sometimes we can help by cutting the "damaged" hair away and/or conditioning the fiber to relax it.

Human Hair Wigs are great for these reasons:

  • Touch. They offer the feel and movement of real hair. The human hair wigs we carry are typically human Remy hair which is the top of the line, most natural fiber available.
  • Color. You can have this wig chemically treated for either color, high lighting, curl patterns produced by perms.
  • Heat. This fiber is treated like your own hair so you can cook, blow dry, or curl this wig.
  • Friction Frizz. For our longer haired gals, typically shoulder length or longer, this is really the best option. The fiber continues to look healthy. There will be no friction frizz in wearing a hat over your hair, pulling your hair back in a ponytail with clips or hair ties, or any other head coverings you would like to try.
  • Life. Typically, human hair wigs will result in a longer lifespan depending on the usage. We have had gals wear their wigs every day, all day and even after repeated styling methods on a daily basis, the wigs have lasted longer than a year.
  • Lace Front Wigs. These human hair wigs with a lace front, monofilament and hand tied wigs are ideal for women who like to wear the hair off their forehead. Our licensed cosmetologists can cut the lace front to mirror a natural hair line eliminating the "wig line look" that many synthetic wigs reveal.

Human Hair Wigs are not great for these reasons:

  • Price. Human Hair wigs start at $600.00 and go up from there. Our price range is typically between $600.00 and $1500.00 depending upon manufacturer.
  • Styling. Unfortunately, human hair wigs are exactly like our own human hair. So when we wash it, we have to blow dry and style it, so there is a bit more work involved.