The reason prices vary is based on the mode of construction and manufacturer.

  • Machine Made Base – Least Expensive
  • Mono-Filament Machine Made Base – Middle of the road
  • Mono-Filament Hand Tied – Most expensive

We at A Women’s Image feel that not one particular mode of construction is superior to another. We work with you, assess your lifestyle and budget, and find what works best for you.

The Machine Made Base wigs have the most hair and are the densest. As a result, they typically are the heaviest in weight and can feel the warmest since a lot of hair needs to be added to "hide" the wefts/openings that are the interior of the cap.

Here is an illustration of a machine made interior:

The Mono-Filament Machine Made Base wigs are great for those women who want a very natural scalp look. In the late 1990’s, a brilliant idea was born. Make the top or crown of a wig to look like a skin layer (doesn’t sound very pretty), however women needing to wear wigs all of a sudden found that their hair looked natural and like themselves. The "mono top" gives the look like the hair is rooted and growing right from the scalp. Not only do these look great, they also are not as warm as a machine made base wig since they release the heat from your scalp instead of trapping it in. This wig is the perfect solution for someone that wants the benefits of the mono top but cannot afford the top of the line.

Here is an illustration of a mono-filament machine made interior:

The Mono-Filament Hand Tied wigs are basically the Cadillac’s of wigs. These wigs offer the mono-filament crown in addition to a hand-tied base resulting in the lightest weight wig on the market. Also known as hand knotting, the fibers of these wigs are hand sewn onto a mesh fabric that gives this hair piece the lightest density, the most breathe ability, and the absolute most natural look and feel. While the same style in a machine made wig can have a weight of 14 ounces, this mode of construction can offer the same look with a weight of 2 ounces. Most women say they feel like they don’t even have a wig on their head when wearing this style.

Here is an illustration of a mono-filament hand tied made interior:
The above descriptions have all been based on synthetic fiber wigs. The same modes of construction are offered in Human Hair Wigs