At A Woman’s Image, we feel the decision whether to have a wig is your choice. The idea of hair loss can be overwhelming. Our suggestion is to let us show you your options and only you can decide what you will feel comfortable with. We can look at this a couple of different ways: Many women come into our shop and feel that a wig is absolutely mandatory while others come in and feel that head wraps, scarf wraps, and turbans will suffice.

On one hand we have had women come in and feel they had to have a wig, only to find that once hair loss occurred, they felt comfortable enough that they only wore their wig occasionally. On the other hand, many women who came in and thought they could get by with turbans and head coverings found that the wig they purchased was a lifesaver. Whether wearing a wig daily or occasionally, our suggestion is to have a hairpiece that you can rely on, almost like a security net, to make you look and feel great. Studies have shown that when we look good we feel good and at A Woman’s Image we strive for that goal. With over 7 years of experience and helping thousands of women, we feel that we can provide you with all the information you need to make your decision.